Saturday, 19 September 2015


THE RISE AND FALL OF BUKOLA SARAKI Saraki left the PDP for personal reasons......not because he wanted CHANGE. This is evident in his behaviour since APC became victorious. APC trusted Saraki, jilted Belgore just to please Saraki. APC asked both Belgore and Lai Mohammed to relinquish the state leadership to Saraki. While Lai choicelessly agreed, Belgore left APC because 'I can never be in the same party with Saraki talkless of him leading me'.....Raji Fashola spoke and appealed to his bosom friend Belgore not to leave APC but the latter sought Fashola's understanding on the fact that Saraki is not a human being and that APC will regret having Saraki in its fold. APC openly celebrated Saraki. Saraki nominated every single political appointments in Kwara......he took over the structure of the APC in Kwara. APC narrowly won Kwara with just over 100k votes above the PDP. Race for Senate Leadership began. This slot would have naturally gone to the SE had Ngige or other experienced APC senatorial candidate won but APC NASS conflict's foundation was laid by the rejection of the party in the SE! Therefore, 3 major lucky contenders were jostling for the Senate President position......Lawan from NE, Saraki and Akume from NS all wanted to fill the vacuum created by the SE. Buhari and APC preferred Lawan from the NE instead of Tinubu's friend Akume and Atiku's choice Saraki. Tinubu being a smart man quickly asked his friend Akume to step down for the Party's and President's choice Lawan. Akume, another reasonable politician agreed! Tinubu is not just a driver, he also know when to accelerate and when to march the brake!!!!!!! Atiku and Saraki kept on accelerating even when it was obvious that the duo have approached the zebra crossing!!!! A warrior that knows how to fight that does not know how to run when necessary will eventually perish in the battlefield! Saraki and his pushers became arrogant and resolute to disgrace the APC and the President .... All appeals by leaders of their party did not hold water. Saraki said he wanted due erefore, the party organized a primary election to please him......Saraki lost the election and instead of staying within his team and agree with the APC Senators decision, he betrayed the APC and teamed up with the PDP to steal the hard earned victory of the APC through the back door. He wanted SP even if heavens will fall. He eventually stole it while 95% of his colleagues were away, he joined the PDP to ridicule CHANGE. He did not stop there, he made the PDP DSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! What wickedness??? What a deadly traitor????? The party was battling with the humble pie and sought further reconciliation by asking Saraki to give other leadership positions left to its preferred choices, at least to calm nerves and save the party from national disgrace...but Saraki once again injured the party and announced his own preferred choices behaving like 'IGE ADUBI' who cares less whether or not his mother or father died on the day of his birth! The intention of Saraki became very clear to APC......he wants to APC to fail, disgraced and destroyed......he has gone back to his former husband...PDP. But the concern of Buhari is different from the APC's.......Buhari wants to eradicate corruption but how can Kwara Corruption King lead from the senate??? Number one priority of Buhari administration has been ambushed by thieves from the NASS.....Buhari, a soldier and a war tested veteran will not give up the fight to eradicate corruption in Nigeria. His preference for Lawan has nothing to do with politics but with policies! Saraki obviously has constituted himself to be a clog in the wheels of CHANGE. He has become the arrow head of Business as Usual in a government of CHANGE! Therefore his book of remembrance was opened. His judgement became expedient.....Since he wanted to be one of leaders in the government of Change, he must be thoroughly searched. Buhari the first leader has been searched....... Osinbajo the second leader has been why will Saraki the 'third' leader avoid search?????? You cannot eat your cake and have it!!!!! For those who said why saraki? Keep your mouth shut. Saraki wants to be number three and therefore, his cupboards must be opened, we must know his condition and fitness......if he passed this current test, then CHANGE will admit him but if he fails......CHANGE will purge him........ This is not a joke! CHANGE has come to Nigeria and he who must come to equity must come with clean hands! And that is what we mean by Common Sense Revolution! by : Malik Ayandokun

Friday, 4 September 2015

AMAZING EGG : ALLAH Appears On Egg Shell

A Muslim couple were amazed to find a miracle egg with the word Allah written on its shell, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. Anisa Jussab, 36, was going to bake a cake for her husband Farid, 37, when she suddenly noticed the unusual marks on one of the eggs she bought in a local supermarket. The surprised woman took a closer look at the shell and saw the phrase “None to be worshipped except Allah” written in Arabic script. She said: “We have been blessed by a miracle. It’s not something anyone has carved on the egg. These things appear and I’ve heard about this sort of thing in the roots of trees and in the sky. It is a sign and I think it’s a message to all Muslims to forgive and to have a clean heart. It is a miracle and a blessing.” Farid added to the story: “When she took the egg out she felt the marks with her hand and then looked and saw our God’s name on it, as well as other writing all the way around. I was sleeping and she came running upstairs to wake me. The sun was shining and I could see it perfectly. All the hairs on my arms stood up. We were both so shocked and surprised. I immediately ran to the imam in the Masjid Ul Imam Al Bukhari mosque who advised me to make a hole and get the egg out and then eat the egg with my wife. Then I shall put the shell in a glass container where anyone can come and see it. I am going to keep the egg forever now. I’m not the sort of man who prays five times a day so this is amazing.” This is not the first time the word Allah appears on various objects. It was spotted on fish, egg plants, cacti, melons and even on human hands and ears. However, the scholars believe that all these inscriptions are simply flukes. Arabic letters, unlike Latin characters, are very simple and graceful in form, meaning with a little bit of imagination one can find them naturally occurring everywhere.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


When we can no longer differentiate a church from a social gathering, And all what we do in church is to just have fun When we can’t differentiate a choir from an harlot And an usher is not different from a waiter When the church is no more conducive Where shall we go? When worship session in a church is just like a disco night and we cant differentiate a pastor from a comedian When salvation message is no longer the order of the day but prosperity and entertainment message is now the core course When the church is no more conducive Where shall we go? When prayer warrior now have to go to tongue- speaking school for utterances And deliverance and healing session is now like MTH 201 to be taught and learned When pastor have to pause for members to clap and shout during sermon in enthusiasm And all what we now gain from preaching is now new vocabulary and word usage When the church is no more conducive Where shall we go? When the church of God is now an exhibition ground for the latest designer And those new convert can no longer come to church for the fear of being inferior When the tithe and offering in church have to suffer for anniversary attire And the little ones from the faithful member have to suffer for pastor’s birthday When the church is no more conducive Where shall we go? Where shall we go is the question right; But never a rhetoric one Where we can go is simply the feet of the old rugged cross And plead for the revival of the church of our father Because when Jesus shall appear to examine his church The question of “where to go” will never be an excuse Even the elect will not be excluded. Watch & pray!!

Monday, 31 August 2015


Falcao got off the mark for the hosts but the Premier League champions suffered a rare defeat at Stamford Bridge, with the prospect of back-to-back titles already looking bleak. Jose Mourinho suffered only his second home defeat in the Premier League as Chelsea manager as Crystal Palace shocked the champions with a 2-1 win at Stamford Bridge. Bakary Sako put Palace in front, finishing off a Yannick Bolasie cross at the second time of asking after a block by Cesar Azpilicueta. Chelsea looked to have snatched a point when second half substitute Falcao headed in a Pedro delivery. But the Blues were level for less than two minutes as Ward headed in after more link-up play from Bolasie and Sako. Aside from a Gary Cahill header, cleared off the line by Sako shortly before his opener, Chelsea struggled to break down the Palace defence, although Alex McCarthy had to be at his best to keep out Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas in the latter stages of the first half. After Falcao restored parity, Palace refused to settle for a draw and Ward's winner maintained Chelsea's unconvincing start to the defence of their Premier League crown. Cahill returned to the Chelsea starting XI in place of the suspended John Terry, while Crystal Palace brought Connor Wickham in for Glenn Murray up front, and the centre-back came under pressure early on as the visitors started brightly. Chelsea eventually settled and Pedro came close to marking his home debut with a goal when he fired just wide with a curling effort after switching onto his left foot. Kurt Zouma's half-hearted appeal for a penalty following a tussle with Wickham went unrewarded, before Sako drew a diving save from goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois at the other end. Palace continued to enjoy the better chances - Yohan Cabaye missing a glorious opportunity to break the deadlock just short of the hour mark. When the ball found Cabaye at the edge of the box, the France international had the whole goal to aim at but placed his effort too close to a grateful Courtois. A superb double save from McCarthy, denying both Costa and Fabregas, kept Palace on level terms just before the break, and Damien Delaney made an excellent sliding tackle in the box to thwart Costa early in the second period. Yet there was panic in the Chelsea penalty area when a cross from the right prompted a desperate scramble to clear the danger, before Wickham failed to get enough purchase on a Sako delivery. As Palace continued to threaten, Sako went for goal in the 55th minute - Courtois getting down well to his right to keep out a 20-yard strike. Sako then had to clear a Cahill header from a corner off the line but was on the scoresheet himself little more than a minute later, showing great composure in the box to lift the ball over Courtois after his initial effort had been blocked by Cesar Azpilicueta. Yannick Bolasie curled over as Palace threatened to double their advantage 15 minutes from time, before Falcao lost his marker to head in from a Pedro cross and seemingly save Chelsea's blushes. However, a Bolasie cross from the left moments later found Sako in acres of space, and the Mali international cut the ball back for Ward to head home. It was only Mourinho's second defeat in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge in his 100th home game in charge of the club.

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Mobile phones have become part of us whether we like it or not. In fact we become incomplete without it. The use of mobile phones has cut across all generation both young and old. Its even interesting to find out that as little as a 5-year old kid now owns a phone. As the use of phones come with advantages so also it has its numerous demerits most especially to the young generation. The young generation are in possession of the largest chunk of the most sophisticated mobile gadgets. The use of these mobile encyclopeadia can be put to more resourceful use than just chatting with friends,watching or streaming videos and some other activities that does not contribute to the personal development of the individual. I believe these gadgets can be put to better and more resourceful use as they are equipped with applications,files and components that can help us in variour ways either as students,parents,businessmen,teachers,artisans etc. The phone can be used to access vital and useful information through the net. The benefit of this to students is enormous.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


1. Always read to improve yourself not for the sake of passing examinations alone. Always believe you know nothing even when you know you have an idea on the topic matter. You always get clearer understanding each time you revisit an already known fact with the mind of developing your cognitive ability. This system will also discourage the fire brigade approach in most students who always engage in serious studies when examination is at the corner. The fire brigade style will do no benefit because whatever is read has no intrinsic value as it can easily be forgotten in a short period. 2. Make a wise choice in what improves your level of concentration before embarking on study journey. In doing this firstly try to understand nature as regards what activates and improves your concentration. Some students study style might be allergic to a quiet environment. Their level of concentration may be affected by the serene environment which might drift their mind away or even sleep off. For instance,I find it difficult studying in a very quiet environment I either my mind picks some form of imagination which derails my concentration or I doze off totally. But after much observance on my nature I later discovered I do better in a not too quiet condition. 3. Find the best or perfect condition. Sometimes I have a transistor radio by my side to retain and boost my level of concentration and it has worked effectively well for me. Take note this is my own nature it might work for you or might not. You need to study yourself to know what suits your nature. You might be able to study very well in a very quiet condition,or while lying on your bed,or far away from your home,or while snacking.. So, get the best or perfect condition that suits your study style!


Always examine your reading or study ability. Do not overload yourself in the name of covering grounds. Measure the lenght of studies your abiliy can contain to avoid fruitless efforts. Study the number of pages or even lines you know you can comprehend or assimilate and reproduce. IT IS NOT HOW FAR BUT HOW WELL. It is not the number of pages or texts of your resource material that you are able to cover that matter but the ones you are able to recall,comprehend,assimilate and reproduce without much stress. Hence,know your limit and avoid over stressing yourself. Read to understand do not read just for the sake of reading. Always repeat or revisit lines or sentences you dont understand until you are able to digest the message. If your ability can only take few lines to understand,STOP THERE and take a moment out to digest what you have read. From experience, I embark my study journey base on my current physical,emotional and psychological condition. Sometimes,I have the gas and energy to study for donkey hours and I will still be able to fathom all I have read. This is not far from the fact that I was sound physically,emotionally,psychologically and mentally. Also,sometimes I might have to study perhaps a page,few pages or even few lines if that is what my system and condition can manage or accomodate. This will enable you to achieve your desired objective each time you pick up your resource material.